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Question 1: A company is transitioning to a new DNS domain name and wants to accept e-mail for both domains for all of its users on a Postfix server. Which configuration option should be updated to accomplish this?

A. mydomain

B. mylocations

C. mydestination

D. myhosts

E. mydomains


Answer: C

Question 2: When are Sieve filters usually applied to an email?

A. When the email is delivered to a mailbox

B. When the email is relayed by an SMTP server

C. When the email is received by an SMTP smarthost

D. When the email is sent to the first server by an MUA

E. When the email is retrieved by an MUA


Answer: A

Question 3: It has been discovered that the company mail server is configured as an open relay. Which of the following actions would help prevent the mail server from being used as an open relay while maintaining the possibility to receive company mails? (Choose two.)

A. Restrict Postfix to only accept e-mail for domains hosted on this server

B. Configure Dovecot to support IMAP connectivity

C. Configure netfilter to not permit port 25 traffic on the public network

D. Restrict Postfix to only relay outbound SMTP from the internal network E. Upgrade the mailbox format from mbox to maildir


Answer: A, D

Question 4: After the installation of Dovecot, it is observed that the dovecot processes are shown in ps ax like this: In order to associate the processes with users and peers, the username, IP address of the peer and the connection status, which of the following options must be set?

A. –with-linux-extprocnames for ./configure when building Dovecot

B. = 1 in sysct1.conf or /proc

C. proc.all.show_status = 1 in sysctl.conf or /proc

D. verbose_proctitle = yes in the Dovecot configuration

E. process_format = “%u %I %s” in the Dovecot configuration


Answer : D

Question 5 Which Postfix command can be used to rebuild all of the alias database files with a single invocation and without the need for any command line arguments?

A. makealiases

B. newaliases

C. postalias

D. postmapbuild

Question 6: Which of the following actions synchronizes UNIX passwords with the Samba passwords when the encrypted Samba password is changed using smbpasswd?

A. There are no actions to accomplish this since is not possible.

B. Run netvamp regularly, to convert the passwords.

C. Run winbind –sync, to synchronize the passwords.

D. Add unix password sync = yes to smb.conf

E. Add smb unix password = sync to smb.conf


Answer: D

Question 7 In order to join a file server to the Active Directory domain, the following smb.conf has been created: The command net ads join raises an error and the server is not joined to the domain. What should be done to successfully join the domain?

A. Change server role to ad member server to join an Active Directory domain instead of an NT4 domain.

B. Add realm = to the smb.conf and change workgroup to the domain’s netbios workgroup name.

C. Manually create a machine account in the Active Directory domain and specify the machine account’s name with –U when starting net ads join.

D. Remove the winbind enum users and winbind enum groups since winbind is incompatible with Active Directory domains.

E. Remove all idmap configuration stanzas since the id mapping is defined globally in an Active Directory domain and cannot be changed on a member server.


Answer : E

Question 8: What does the samba-tool testparm command confirm regarding the Samba configuration?

A. The configuration loads successfully.

B. The service operates as expected.

C. The Samba services are started automatically when the system boots.

D. The netfilter configuration on the Samba server does not block any access to the services defined in the configuration.

E. All running Samba processes use the most recent configuration version.



Answer: A

Question 9: Select the Samba option below that should be used if the main intention is to setup a guest printer service?

A. security = cups

B. security = ldap C. security = pam

D. security = share

E. security = printing



Answer: D

Question 10 A workstation is on the wired network with an IP address of but is unable to access the Samba server. A wireless laptop with an IP address can access the Samba server. Additional trouble shooting shows that almost every machine on the wired network is unable to access the Samba server. Which alternate host allow declaration will permit wired workstations to connect to the Samba server without denying access to anyone else?

A. host allow =

B. host allow =

C. host deny =

D. host deny =

E. host allow = localhost

Question 11: Which of the following options are valid in /etc/exports? (Choose two.)

A. Rw

B. Ro

C. Rootquash

D. Norootquash

E. Uid


Answer : A, B

Question 12: Which command is used to configure which file systems a NFS server makes available to clients?

A. exportfs

B. mkfs.nfs

C. mount

D. nfsservct1

E. telinit


Answer: A


Question 13: Which of these tools, without any options, provides the most information when performing DNS queries?

A. Dig

B. Nslookup

C. Host

D. Named-checkconf

E. Named-checkzone


Answer: A


Question 14: Performing a DNS lookup with dig results in this

A. There is no . after in the PTR record in the forward lookup zone file

B. There is no . after linuserv in the PTR record in the forward lookup zone file

C. There is no . after in the PTR record in the reverse lookup zone file D. The . in the NS definition in the reverse lookup zone has to be removed


Answer : C


Question 15: What option for BIND is required in the global options to disable recursive queries on the DNS server by default?

A. allow-recursive-query ( none; );

B. allow-recursive-query off;

C. recursion { disabled; };

D. recursion { none; };

E. recursion no;


Answer : E

Question 16: Which of the following DNS records could be a glue record?

A. ns1.labA198.51.100.53

B. labNS198.51.100.53

C. ns1.labNS198.51.100.53

D. ns1.A198.51.100.53

E. ns1.labGLUE198.51.100.53



Answer: A

Question 17: What is DNSSEC used for?

A. Encrypted DNS queries between nameservers

B. Cryptographic authentication of DNS zones

C. Secondary DNS queries for local zones

D. Authentication of the user that initiated the DNS query

E. Encrypting DNS queries and answers



Anwer: B


Question 18: What word is missing from the following excerpt of a named.conf file?

A. networks

B. net C. list

D. acl

E. group


Answer : D


Question 19: In a BIND zone file, what does the @ character indicate?

A. It’s the fully qualified host name of the DNS server

B. It’s an alias for the e-mail address of the zone master

C. It’s the name of the zone as defined in the zone statement in named.conf

D. It’s used to create an alias between two CNAME entries


Answer: C

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