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Free 2V0-71.23 VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations Professional Dump

Question #1

What two steps are required to visualize API connectivity and enable API protection in VMware Tanzu Service Mesh? (Choose two.)

  • A. Activate API Discovery for the Global Namespace
  • B. Create API Security Policy for the Global Namespace
  • C. Enable Threat Detection Policy for the Global Namespace
  • D. Set a Distributed Firewall policy for the Global Namespace
  • E. Create an Autoscaling policy for API for the Global Namespace

Correct Answer: AB

Question #2

An administrator set the following value: ENABLE_AUDIT_LOGGING=true during a cluster deployment. What was the purpose of this setting?

  • A. Log metadata about all requests made to the Kubernetes API server.
  • B. Enable log redirection to external logging server by Fluent Bit.
  • C. Run scripts that collect Kubernetes API output, node logs, and node command-line output.
  • D. Activate the kubectl describe command for CustomResourceDefinitions (CRDs) introduced by Cluster API.

Correct Answer: A

Question #3

Which two package management tools can be used to configure and install applications on Kubernetes? (Choose two.)

  • A. Grafana
  • B. Fluent bit
  • C. Carvel
  • D. Helm
  • E. Multus

Correct Answer: CD

Question #4

What is the function of Velero?

  • A. Backup and restore Kubernetes clusters
  • B. Monitor cluster services
  • C. Publish DNS records for applications to DNS servers
  • D. Collect data and logs from different sources, unify them, and send them to multiple destinations

Correct Answer: A

Question #5

Where can an administrator register the vSphere management cluster in VMware Tanzu Mission Control?

  • A. In the VMware Tanzu Mission Control web console or CLI
  • B. In the vSphere Management Cluster with kubectl
  • C. In the vSphere Client – Workload Cluster settings
  • D. In the vSphere Namespace with kubectl

Correct Answer: A

Question #6

Which two statements describe Kubernetes observability characteristics? (Choose two.)

  • A. It provides network insight and detailed Kubernetes network topology view
  • B. Provides visibility into Kubernetes clusters for troubleshooting and impact assessment
  • C. It observes the code of the applications running in Kubernetes environment
  • D. Collects real-time metrics from all layers of Kubernetes
  • E. Automatically heals Kubernetes workloads after an issue has been observed

Correct Answer: BD

Question #7

Which component must be installed upfront to deploy VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid management cluster?

  • A. Tanzu CLI
  • B. Cluster API
  • C. Kubeadm
  • D. External DNS

Correct Answer: A

Question #8

An administrator has a VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid management cluster named tanzu-mc0l which needs to be upgraded.

Which command can be used to upgrade this cluster?

  • A. kubectl management-cluster upgrade
  • B. tanzu mc upgrade
  • C. tanzu config use-context tanzu-mc01-admin@tanzu-mc01
  • D. kubectl tanzu-mc01 upgrade

Correct Answer: B

Question #9

What statement describes the role of VMware Aria Operations for Applications (formerly VMware Tanzu Observability) in VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations?

  • A. Watches defined infrastructure systems to keep track of health of resources.
  • B. Automates the remediation of Kubernetes platform resources based on collected data.
  • C. Tracks metrics, logs, and alerts based on specified thresholds.
  • D. Collects and analyzes traces, metrics, and logs to provide single source of truth for actionable insights.

Correct Answer: D

Question #10

The Supervisor Service in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid exposes three layers of controllers to manage the lifecycle of a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster.

Which layer of controllers is correct?

  • A. Virtual Machine Service, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and Cluster API
  • B. Authentication webhook, Container Storage Support, Cloud Provider Implementation
  • C. Aria integration Service, Tanzu Cluster API and Tanzu Container Network Controller
  • D. VMware Tanzu Mission Control Connection agent, Cluster API and Kubernetes Connection Agent

Correct Answer: A

Question #11

Which two Kubernetes Service types are fulfilled natively by Kubernetes without requiring external integrations? (Choose two.)

  • A. ExternalName
  • B. Ingress
  • C. LoadBalancer
  • D. NodePort
  • E. ClusterIP

Correct Answer: DE

Question #12

What is the Kubernetes component that is responsible for workload creation?

  • A. API Server
  • B. Scheduler
  • C. etcd
  • D. Kubelet

Correct Answer: D

Question #13

Which two methods can be used to install Fluent Bit on a VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster? (Choose two.)

  • A. Install Fluent Bit using Tanzu CLI login plugin
  • B. Install Fluent Bit using VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Installer Interface
  • C. Install Fluent Bit from VMware Tanzu Mission Control
  • D. Install Fluent Bit from VMware vSphere Client
  • E. Install Fluent Bit using Tanzu CLI package plugin

Correct Answer: CE

Question #14

Which two resources can External DNS create records for? (Choose two.)

  • A. Virtual machines
  • B. Kubernetes pods
  • C. Kubernetes services
  • D. Kubernetes nodes
  • E. Contour HTTPProxy

Correct Answer: CE

Community vote distribution

CE (100%)

Question #15

What is the correct resource hierarchy order in VMware Tanzu Mission Control?

  • A. Root -> Cluster Groups -> Clusters
  • B. Organization -> Cluster Groups -> Namespaces
  • C. Organization -> Clusters -> Cluster Groups
  • D. Organization -> Cluster Groups -> Clusters

Correct Answer: D

Question #16

Which set of tools can be used to attach a Kubernetes cluster to VMware Tanzu Mission Control?

  • A. Tanzu CLI and VMware vSphere Web UI
  • B. Tanzu CLI and VMware Tanzu Mission Control Web UI
  • C. kubectl and VMware vSphere Web UI
  • D. kubectl and VMware Tanzu Mission Control Web UI

Correct Answer: B

Question #17

A Tanzu Mission Control administrator would like to enforce the following container controls:

Only allows container images that match the specified names or tags.

Ensure that the container image is not tampered with.

Which type of policy can be used?

  • A. Access
  • B. Security
  • C. Image Security
  • D. Image Registry
  • E. Network

Correct Answer: C

Question #18

An administrator was requested to create a pod with two interfaces to separate the application and management traffic for security reasons.

Which two packages have to be installed in VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster to satisfy the requirement? (Choose two.)

  • A. multus
  • B. external-dns
  • C. cert-manager
  • D. grafana
  • E. contour

Correct Answer: AE

Question #19

Which kinds of objects does the Kubernetes RBAC API declare?

  • A. CloudPolicyObject
  • B. Role, ClusterRole, RoleBinding and ClusterRoleBinding
  • C. Container type and Container object
  • D. ClusterObject and ClusterNode

Correct Answer: B

Question #20

Which statement describes how VMware Tanzu Mission Control and VMware Aria Operations for Applications integrate?

  • A. An administrator can enable VMware Aria Operations for Applications using the integrations tab in VMware Tanzu Mission Control.
  • B. VMware Aria Operations for Applications is enabled by default in VMware Tanzu Mission Control. No integration is required.
  • C. An administrator can login to VMware Aria Operations for Applications and enable VMware Tanzu Mission Control integration from the administration menu.
  • D. An administrator can download and install the VMware Aria Operations Observations agent from Tanzu CLI.

Correct Answer: A

Question #21

What is the purpose of a service mesh?

  • A. Provides dynamic application load balancing and autoscaling across multiple clusters and multiple sites.
  • B. Provides a centralized, global routing table to simplify and optimize traffic management.
  • C. Provides service discovery across multiple clusters.
  • D. Provides an infrastructure layer that makes communication between applications possible, structured, and observable.

Correct Answer: D

Question #22

Which method describes how Kubernetes clusters are upgraded?

  • A. Use rolling upgrade
  • B. In-place upgrade of each node
  • C. Use canary upgrade
  • D. Deploy a new cluster with upgraded Kubernetes release

Correct Answer: A

Community vote distribution

D (100%)

Question #23

Which two groups can be created to collect and manage objects in VMware Tanzu Service Mesh? (Choose two.)

  • A. Node groups
  • B. Cluster groups
  • C. Security groups
  • D. API groups
  • E. Service groups

Correct Answer: BE

Community vote distribution

AE (100%)

Question #24

Which statement is true about Tanzu package CLI plugin?

  • A. It cannot be used to add additional package repositories apart from tanzu-standard.
  • B. It can be used to manage packages in public repositories.
  • C. It is intended only for CLI-managed packages.
  • D. It can be used to install auto-managed packages.

Correct Answer: B

Question #25

Which L7 ingress mode leverages the integration between NSX Advanced Load Balancer and Antrea?

  • A. L7 ingress in NodePort mode
  • B. L7 ingress in ClusterIP mode
  • C. L7 ingress in NodePortLocal mode
  • D. L7 ingress in NodeIntegration mode

Correct Answer: C

Question #26

What is the role of Prometheus in a VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster?

  • A. Provide the functionality of a lightweight log processor and forwarder that allows you to collect data and logs from different sources.
  • B. Collect metrics from target clusters at specified intervals, evaluate rule expressions, display the results, and trigger alerts if certain conditions arise.
  • C. Inject time-series database (TSDB) data into high-quality graphs and visualizations.
  • D. Extend the open-source Docker distribution by adding the functionalities usually required by users such as security and identity control and management.

Correct Answer: B

Question #27

What are three capabilities of VMware Aria Operations for Applications (formerly known as Tanzu Observability)? (Choose three.)

  • A. Create Alerts
  • B. Set Application Container security policy
  • C. Set Service Level Objectives
  • D. Create Kubernetes Clusters
  • E. Create Charts and Dashboards
  • F. Create Queries

Correct Answer: ADE

Community vote distribution

ACE (100%)

Question #28

What are two possible counts of control plane nodes in a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Workload Cluster? (Choose two.)

  • A. 3
  • B. 5
  • C. 2
  • D. 0
  • E. 1

Correct Answer: AE

Question #29

What are the three Cluster API providers being used in VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid? (Choose three.)

  • A. CAPI
  • B. CAPZ
  • C. CAPM
  • D. CAP
  • E. CAPV
  • F. CAPA

Correct Answer: BEF

Question #30

What project does Contour leverage for the data plane?

  • A. NSX Load Balancer
  • B. Istio
  • C. Envoy
  • D. Prometheus

Correct Answer: C

Question #31

Which Container Network Interface (CNI) is selected by default in a VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid workload cluster?

  • A. Multus CNI
  • B. Antrea
  • C. Flannel
  • D. Calico

Correct Answer: B

Question #32

Which Kubernetes object must be used to be able to upgrade a pod without disrupting services?

  • A. ReplicaSet
  • B. Service
  • C. Container
  • D. Deployment

Correct Answer: D

Question #33

Which statement about Tanzu Mission Control policies is correct?

  • A. Policies can be configured using a tag selector to restrict the scope of the policy.
  • B. Policies can only be applied to clustergroups.
  • C. Policies allow management and operation of the security posture of Kubernetes clusters, and other organizational objects.
  • D. Policies can be enforced using Kubernetes resources (NetworkPolicy, ResourceQuota etc) or using the Kyverno admission controller.

Correct Answer: A

Question #34

Which two StorageClass objects are supported by the VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid? (Choose two.)

  • A. Azure Glacier
  • B. vSphere Cloud Native Storage (CNS)
  • C. Linux Remote File Services
  • D. Samba
  • E. Amazon EBS

Correct Answer: BE

Question #35

Which is a prerequisite for cert-manager installation?

  • A. Download the latest Tanzu Kubernetes Grid OVAs for the OS and Kubernetes version
  • B. Obtain the admin credentials of the target workload cluster
  • C. Run the tanzu login command to see an interactive list of management clusters
  • D. After importing the cert-manager OVA, a conversion into virtual machine template must be performed

Correct Answer: B

Question #36

Which tool can be used to backup and restore workloads on clusters provisioned by the VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service?

  • A. Site Recovery Manager
  • B. Restic
  • C. VMware vSphere Data Protection
  • D. Velero Plugin for VMware vSphere

Correct Answer: D

Question #37

Which two are installed on the target cluster when VMware Tanzu Mission Control Data Protection is enabled? (Choose two.)

  • A. VMware Tanzu Mission Control agent
  • B. Velero
  • C. FluentBit
  • D. Data protection extension
  • E. Antrea

Correct Answer: BD

Question #38

Which steps are required to create a vSphere Namespace?

  • A. In the vSphere web client, select Supervisor, select Namespaces tab, and click Create Namespace
  • B. Create the Namespace using the Tanzu CLI
  • C. In the vSphere web client, select Workload Management, select Namespaces tab, and click Create Namespace
  • D. In the vSphere web client, select Supervisor, select Workload, select Namespaces tab, and click Create Namespace

Correct Answer: C

Question #39

Which statement describes Harbor?

  • A. Harbor requires that all images are pulled from GitHub and is used for image validation and verification.
  • B. Harbor, formerly known as Bitnami, is an image catalog used for downloading verified open source packages.
  • C. Harbor is an open source registry that secures artifacts with policies and role-based access control, ensures images are scanned and free from vulnerabilities, and signs images as trusted.
  • D. Harbor is an image scanner used to verify that images are free from known vulnerabilities and patches as necessary.

Correct Answer: C

Question #40

Which command has a valid syntax for scaling VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster using Tanzu CLI?

  • A. tanzu cluster scale <cluster_name> –controlplane 5 –worker 10 –namespace=<my_namespace>
  • B. tanzu cluster scale <cluster_name> –controlplane-machine-count 5 –worker-machine-count 10
  • C. tanzu scale <cluster_name> –controlplane-machine-count 5 –worker-machine-count 10 –namespace=<my_namespace>
  • D. tanzu scale <cluster_name> –controlplane 5 ––worker 10

Correct Answer: A

Question #41

What steps are required to deploy an application to a Kubernetes cluster using VMware Tanzu Mission Control (TMC) catalog?

  • A. From the TMC Console, in Catalog, select the package to install, select Install Package
  • B. From the TMC Console, in Catalog, from Available Tanzu Packages, specify the target cluster and the package to install
  • C. Using the Tanzu CLI, enter the command tanzu package install
  • D. Using the TMC CLI, enter the command tmc cluster tanzupackage create

Correct Answer: A

Question #42

Which Kubernetes object controls what traffic is allowed to and from selected pods and network endpoints?

  • A. Ingress
  • B. NetworkPolicy
  • C. PodSecurityPolicy
  • D. Secret

Correct Answer: B

Question #43

Which three can be configured in a VM Class in VMware vSphere with Tanzu? (Choose three.)

  • A. Network
  • B. Operating system
  • C. CPU
  • D. Memory
  • E. PCI devices
  • F. Storage

Correct Answer: CDF

Question #44

What is the key benefit of Tanzu Service Mesh Autoscaler feature?

  • A. Autoscale microservices
  • B. Autoscale persistant volumes
  • C. Autoscale Supervisor control plane VMs
  • D. Autoscale Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster

Correct Answer: A

Question #45

Which statement describes a Container Storage Interface (CSI) in VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid?

  • A. It is a plug-in that only works with vSphere object storage.
  • B. It is a plug-in that is only used for clusters which require cloud native storage.
  • C. It is a plug-in that allows providers to expose storage as persistent storage.
  • D. It is a plug-in that is required for ephemeral storage.

Correct Answer: C

Question #46

What Kubernetes project does vSphere with Tanzu Supervisor Cluster use to automate the lifecycle management of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Clusters?

  • A. Grafana
  • B. Cluster API
  • C. Contour
  • D. Kubeadm

Correct Answer: B

Question #47

Which three capabilities are supported by VMware Aria Operations for Applications (formerly VMware Tanzu Observability)? (Choose three.)

  • A. Unified log management
  • B. Setting Service Objectives
  • C. Integration with VMware Aria Automation Config (formerly vRealize Automation SaltStack Config)
  • D. Create a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster
  • E. Event tracing
  • F. Out-of-the-box and user-configurable dashboards

Correct Answer: AEF

Question #48

An administrator will enable workload management in vSphere using NSX Advanced Load Balancer.

Which two components does the administrator need to prepare on NSX Advanced Load Balancer in advance? (Choose two.)

  • A. NSX Controller
  • B. Service Engine Group
  • C. Provide connectivity to NSX manager
  • D. NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller
  • E. Avi Kubernetes Operator

Correct Answer: BD

Question #49

Which two statements about the NSX Advanced Load Balancer are correct? (Choose two.)

  • A. It can only be used if Antrea CNI is installed on the workload cluster.
  • B. It can be configured as the VIP endpoint for the management cluster on vSphere.
  • C. It only supports the service type LoadBalancer.
  • D. It is natively integrated with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Amazon Web Services EC2 deployments.
  • E. It can be configured as a load balancer for workloads in the clusters that are deployed on vSphere.

Correct Answer: BE

Question #50

Which VMware product UI allows browsing Global Namespace Topology?

  • A. NSX Advanced Load Balancer
  • B. NSX
  • C. Tanzu Service Mesh Advanced
  • D. Tanzu Mission Control

Correct Answer: C

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