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The Ultimate Kali Linux Book

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Chapter 1, Introduction to Ethical Hacking, introduces you to the concepts of ethical hacking and penetration testing techniques and strategies.
Chapter 2, Building a Penetration Testing Lab, focuses on guiding you on how to use virtualization technologies to create a personalized virtual lab environment to practice your skills in a safe environment.
Chapter 3, Setting Up for Advanced Hacking Techniques, focuses on guiding you on how to set up both a Windows Active Directory lab and an enterprise wireless environment to perform advanced penetration testing techniques.
Chapter 4, Reconnaissance and Footprinting, introduces you to the importance of reconnaissance and techniques used during penetration testing.
Chapter 5, Exploring Active Information Gathering, focuses on performing active information gathering on targets and profiling devices.
Chapter 6, Performing Vulnerability Assessments, focuses on guiding you on how to perform vulnerability discovery using popular automation vulnerability assessment tools.
Chapter 7, Understanding Network Penetration Testing, focuses on exploring the fundamentals of network penetration testing, antimalware evasion techniques, and working with wireless network adapters.
Chapter 8, Performing Network Penetration Testing, focuses on discovering and exploiting security vulnerabilities that are commonly found in the real world.
Chapter 9, Advanced Network Penetration Testing – Post Exploitation, introduces you to post-exploitation techniques and strategies.
Chapter 10, Working with Active Directory Attacks, focuses on exploiting the trust on Windows Active Directory Domain Services on a network.
Chapter 11, Advanced Active Directory Attacks, focuses on performing an advanced exploitation of Active Directory, performing both lateral and vertical movement and
taking over the domain.
Chapter 12, Delving into Command and Control Tactics, introduces you to the importance of, and techniques for, establishing C2 during penetration testing.
Chapter 13, Advanced Wireless Penetration Testing, focuses on understanding wireless communication, vulnerabilities, and exploitation techniques.
Chapter 14, Performing Client-Side Attacks – Social Engineering, introduces you to how to use social engineering techniques to compromise the human mind during a cyber attack.
Chapter 15, Understanding Website Application Security, focuses on discovering the web application security risks that are described in the OWASP Top 10 2021 list of security vulnerabilities.
Chapter 16, Advanced Website Penetration Testing, focuses on performing web application security testing to discover and exploit security flaws.
Chapter 17, Best Practices for the Real World, provides guidelines for aspiring ethical hackers and penetration testers to ensure that, after completing this book, you have a wealth of valuable knowledge and can adapt to good practices within the industry.


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